Sporadic, but precious memories.

05 Aug

As I’ve had some time now since the end of the fellowship, I’ve been really able to process the journey as a whole. Really, putting it into words is not easy. Therefore, excuse me if this blog entry is a bit all over the place.

I am really missing home- home as in Alameda Point and West Oakland. I’m honestly itching to go back ASAP and eat what I loved to eat, visit the places I loved to visit, and just be there. Fully.

The fellowship officially ended on Sunday, and I flew out to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on Monday morning. I’ve been here at Casa de Los Angeles for about 9 days, and I leave tomorrow. I feel lucky that Micah paved the way for me to be able to return to Casa, it’s just another reason, on top of the endless many, as to why Micah was a true blessing. Being in constant service these past 2 months, and more, has been tiring and a challenge, but so incredibly eye-opening, humbling, healing, liberating, and rewarding! I am happy this is what my summer consisted of.

I really appreciated my last day at PJC. Dr. Burns’ huge smile as I presented my final project was so beautiful to see. I love that I was able to assist him and take some work off his hands- he, and PJC, really deserved it. David, the maintenance guy, intentionally had me leave a tote bag behind so that I “had to” come back to PJC and get it! But, I know I will be back many more times than just once. PJC is really special to me. I love it all!

Though living in community was a really hefty challenge we all had to take on- I’m thankful for it. It was worth every second of both frustration and joy. It stretched us all beyond anything we’d been through before, and it dug some deep into a place of not willing to conform- but the fact that we did, the fact that we had scary conversations, the fact that we supported each other, and more, shows what community really is. It’s intentional, but it’s not easy, and that is ok. It’s more than ok. It’s necessary.

The Micah Fellowship is one that I really cannot express myself about eloquently or efficiently. All I know is that it was life changing and liberating. It has led me into a much more mature knowledge of life around me and where it is that I would like to stand amongst it all. It has shown me how my presence impacts the life of others. And most importantly, it has shown me beauty in the greatest discomfort.

photo 3

Love them all!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Prescott-Joseph Center

photo 4

Home ❤

photo 2 copy

A’s Game

photo 1 copy

A’s Game view- Love Oakland!

photo 2

My Final Binder turned in to PJC- SO MUCH PAPER!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Parents visited me at Potluck! SO happy they came 🙂

The Micah Fellowship is priceless. I am so excited, thrilled, and eager for all those who will experience it. They are all surely to be blessed.


Quote seems prevalent to life right now!

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