10 Jul

The concept of “Home” has been a prevalent one throughout this fellowship. Leaving the comfort of home to make a new home in Alameda and at work was something I knew I’d signed up for this summer, but the action of doing so is much easier said than done. Micah has stretched me to think about what truly makes a home. There’s consideration of the people who live in the home, fairness and respectability, quiet time, community and collaboration, safety, and more. I haven’t had to create “home” just in Alameda Point, but at work as well. Sure enough, there have been great moments of discomfort, happiness, tears, frustration, confusion, sadness, celebration, and joy. I’ve learned that creating “home” is not easy, but it is absolutely necessary.

Just this past Tuesday, an arrest was made in the building next door to our home. The setting was a mixture of happenings- tears, variety of police cars, young children playing and laughing, observant neighbors, non-observant neighbors, and more. From what we saw, a mother was arrested- our neighbor was arrested. Her younger children showed their frustration as they cried and punched, while her older children instinctively took on their new roles of caretakers as they comforted their younger siblings. We, as a house, don’t know exactly what happened in case of the arrest. Nonetheless, we felt it. We felt both the sadness from the family and the normality of it all from the neighborhood. I remember looking up from where we were respectfully watching, and saw tears coming down Lauren’s face. We saw a mother being taken away from her children. It sounds so simple, but it’s really hard to put in words. And literally, it hit so close to home.

Home has proven to be no easy subject. In the same way, home has proven to be the safest, most precious aspect of learning, challenge, community, and self reflection for myself. Alameda Point is home. West Oakland is home. My community is home. Yet, it’s been important for me to recognize that my home impacts and is impacted by the home of others. Seeing the arrest really saddened me, for, I am now connected to this community and don’t wish that upon it. Still, I am aware of the nature of my community as well.

With only two and a half weeks left, I really don’t know what to feel. Leaving home will be hard and exciting as I embark on my senior year. Overall, I really cannot express how thankful I am for my new homes and the lessons I’ve learned from them.

Here are some pictures:

photo 5

Alameda Point Antique Fair

photo 3

July First Friday

photo 2

Hello Kitty on our morning drive to work

photo 1

Beautiful park

photo (1)

Peralta St.

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