03 Jul

I have always had a strong connection to my faith. Of course, as a teenager I went through the all typical rebellious phase of distancing myself completely from my faith. Yet, as I continue in life, faith has proven to be the core to all that keeps me level-headed, reflective, sincere, genuine, patient, and more.

Micah has challenged me in a way that I did not expect in its impact on my faith. In all honesty, initially I lost sight of the benefits I get from constant faithful practice- whether it be praying, attending mass, reading religious text, sitting in silence, etc. In the newness of it all, I got distracted. Now that the halfway point has passed, my mind has been cleared to the realization of how critical an active, faithful life is to me and my well-being. In other words, through moments of confusion, distress, frustration, impatience, and even in moments of happiness, laughter, and love- I’ve been reminded of how important a presence of faith and religious practice is.

Every person I have encountered throughout this journey has been a symbol of how important it is to never lose faith. For, in moments when one loses faith, having someone come in and respectfully guide you back is so precious. It’s something that I’ve discovered society is lacking in. There’s a need for solidarity of hope and faith. I’ve found a need for it both within and outside of my community this summer. It’s a difficult question to ask and take on- how do we genuinely restore faith and hope in people? I ask it to myself daily, and I still can’t give a well formulated answer, and I think that’s okay. It’ll be a lifelong process that I have to embrace- both with the highs and lows. All I know is that I see beauty in my surroundings this summer- all of them- it’s just a constant grasp that I need to have onto my faith to help me through all the details that make up that beauty. Especially in times when that beauty is hard to find.

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Posted by on July 3, 2014 in 2014 Ariana Alvarez


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