25 Jul

Honest to God, I really have mixed feelings right now…and here’s why:

1) I like Oakland. No scratch that. I LOVE OAKLAND.

2) I like the people that I got acquainted with this summer at Catholic Charities. They are nice people trying to help others in a corrupt ” democratic” social service system. Which makes their jobs a bit harder than it needs to be. Thank you Congress!

3) Cultural diversity- Oakland is the only city that I have lived in that embraces cultural diversity. This city for the most part is an ethically acceptable city, which I LOVE.

4) Lake Merritt- Possibly the best place in the entire East Bay to take a contemplative run or walk on any given day.

5) Chinatown- This district in Oakland has the best Chinese food and Balboa Tea shops I have ever been too. I have quite a few Asian friends and acquaintances back in my hometown, notably Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese ones that have introduced me to Balboa Tea…but the Balboa Tea in Chinatown have by far been the best I have ever had.

6) Jack London Square District- I just like this area of Oakland, mostly because you can see the waterfront and the skyline of San Francisco and the island of Alameda. They also have a farmer’s market on the weekends and have free movie nights almost every Thursday night during the summers.

7) West Oakland- has so much history and so much diversity in one neighborhood. If I could  live off of any street in Oakland, it would off of West Street in West Oakland, simply because of the majestic victorians. I always wanted to renovate one and own one maybe this would be the place to do it.

8) Telegraph District- I have had the BEST Ethopian food in my life thanks to First Friday! Telegraph has all of the best stores- in Oakland and in Berkeley.

9) First Friday- I really like the vibrant and liberal hippiness that First Fridays has. I am very speechless on so many levels for this event…. I know for a fact that this open street festival brings out the best that Oakland has to offer! 🙂

So, I’m very fortunate to have called this place my home for the last couple of months. I do not regret one minute of this experience. I have learned a lot about myself and I have grown from this experience. I have evolved into a more socially and progressive person overall. in some sense, I have  changed and became more of myself with the three wonderful ladies here in Oakland. I will miss them very much and hopefully, we will find the time to come back here often as we can in order to explore the different parts of the city that were and still are precious to us in a lot of instances. I will miss Kenna’s rants about the biased injustices at one in morning and her suppositions and willingness to learn new things about anything. I will miss Maggie’s side comments and shared frustrations that all of us had with the injustices surrounding the racial and sexist tensions in our prevalent patriarchal society. I will miss Mia’s hippy style and bubbly sense of self, and her thirst for curiosity. I think we all came in with the sense of unknown about this “process.” With the shared readings and discussions about the social changes that need to be done in our society, has to be taken into account. My journey does not stop here. It’s only the beginning. Right now, I just might sign up for the nest LSAT preparation course…and possibly start a lucrative career as either a public attorney or possibly civil rights attorney. We’ll see, but I like to live a radical and progressive lifestyle.

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