The end.

24 Jul

As we begin to gather our thoughts, the first thing that comes to mind is the amount of knowledge and experience I have gained in the past two months. Growing up I was always looked at as being the “hippy- child”, all I ever wanted was to save the world and protect our environment and all that mumbo- jumbo.  I was always seen as someone so different from the rest of my group of friends and while they loved me for being different, I don’t think they ever took my beliefs seriously because they could never really understand for the fact that they were never involved and couldn’t relate. It has been a breath of fresh air to meet a group of girls who care about the issues going on in today’s world as much as, if not a whole lot more than I do. I have learned a lot from my roommates. I love that I can have intelligent conversations with these girls and we both have equal passion and knowledge about the subject. We can talk about things that really matter in the world and it is so satisfying to hear about what they think and where they stand on specific issues. There is substance in our time spent together. We bring up thought provoking questions with honest and respectful responses.  I can get home, open the latch to my little gate, walk up the stairs, unlock the front door, put my bags down, fall onto the couch and just say, “ Hey Gabi, what do you think about the new immigration law?”, that in itself has been kind of rewarding for me. I love that with the readings we have done I can walk outside my house and see what I am reading. My internship has opened my eyes to so many issues that are taking place in my backyard. There is so much work to be done, but even more potential to be seen.


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