Wake Up Call

17 Jul

It has come that time where I begin thinking how much I am going to miss this dearly. By this I mean all of this. I’m going to miss my new friends and coworkers at work. I am going to miss my roommates, this wonderful house we got to live in, my neighbors Kenny & Laura, Laura’s kids, and even their pregnant dog Serenity. But I AM REALLY GOING TO MISS OAKLAND!! The thought that even after I come back to visit Oakland to in the future, I will never live in this house again, or probably walk down West Grand and turn onto Brush street. This last week and a half is everything and more to me. Words can’t explain how much this experience has meant to me. I am content with my experience, and I am content with the change and development that has occurred over the last month and a half. I am so overwhelmed with the joys of life, yet also with the needed changes and problems that exist. I just finished my freshmen year and feel so empowered by what life has presented to me. Sometimes it all feels like a dream, but I must say this passion and vision that I feel so strongly about has grown deeper since being here. I am so grateful for this experience. Not only has it kept me determine to change the system that we live in, but reflect on who I am as an individual.

These last few days I had the opportunity to go out and protest. I’m sure we all heard about the verdict of Trayvon Martin. For me this is of no surprise because Trayvon is one of the many individuals who lost their life and received no justice. We just so happen to be lucky enough to hear it on television or the radio because many other individuals did not even get that much. I asked myself all this week over and over “How do you live with this? What do I do? Kenna, when are you going to say enough is enough? What is this world coming to? How do I take out my anger in a positive way”? I guess I am fed up. It disgusts me that I live in a world where I share the same air as these animals that run the system. The fact that it took even this long to come to a verdict. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew the verdict, but just wanted to buy some time to actually make people think it was actually some thinking going on in the court. I do not know if I was more angry with this case or the amount of ignorance I heard and seen after the verdict. Either way, I refuse to sit down anymore. I don’t want to see something like this happen again ever. So on Sunday I decided to come out to the protest in Oakland, which for the most was empowering. On Monday, my roommates and I decided to protest with my roommates. It was inspirational and we protested on a freeway. I felt so much of an adrenaline rush as I spoke out for a tremendous cause. As much as negativity I have been given for doing this, I won’t let it stop me because I know it is nothing but a great way to advocate. When I get back to school, were going to advocate about it on campus and within my club. How else is our system suppose to change? The system is ridiculous and racist. I refuse to complain about the system anymore without changing it. Sitting around and doing nothing, that is exactly what the system expect. I won’t let the system run me again, therefore I am acting out against it. Acting for a cause has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I cant believe this is the second to last time I will be blogging. I remember the first day I walked in this house and was not sure what to expect. I guess that’s the beauty of life though, expecting the unexpected. Never would have thought this internship would have impacted my life, my world, and my individual self. With as much as I have experienced, I feel so much older than just a soon to be sophomore in college. It’s amazing how you can get so much out of life living simplicity. In our reading for today, there was a quote that said: “Voluntary simplicity involves both inner and outer condition. It means singleness of purpose, sincerity, and honesty within, as well as avoidance of exterior clutter, of many possessions irrelevant to the chief purposes of life”. This really stood out to me because I have such a difficult time with this in my personal life and trying to live beyond my means. Honestly, you need none of that to be filled with life and joy. This protest was a perfect example how I joined the community for an important cause without a slide of my debit card or a checkout line. At the same time, I felt great about it. I felt it took being in Oakland for me to realize and remember the type of world I came from. Also the realization of not forgetting where you come from because it can easily be forgotten. This reading only reiterated that into my mind. Simplicity, it’s so simple but so powerful.


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