16 Jul


January 1, 2009 in the early morning of New Year’s Day, I was sound asleep in my bedroom overlooking the Pocket-Greenhaven neighborhood of Sacramento. During that time, a man by the name of Oscar Grant, was shot in his back at the Fruitvale BART Station, here in Oakland, CA. The bullet eventually punctured his right lung, causing an artery to explode and internal bleeding to dictate the remaining hours of his life. Amelia and I went together for the 6 o’clock showing this last Friday night…after the the movie, we found ourselves to be emotionally drained with the stupidity and ignorance that some people in my generation have. In this instance, we saw that racial stereotypes dictate the fate of racial minorities. It is still prominent in this day and age, yet some of the political authorities in power do not even know how to address these kind of issues.

Since I have been in Oakland, I’ve noticed that this city is very radical and some of the protests that are organized are based on the ideologies of anarchism- or at least that is what my perception is in some sense. I understand that the political system is corrupt and that it should be  “fixed” but the thing is, is that people forget how to act at appropriate times and how to act with dignity. Monday, was an interesting time since I went to one of demonstrations that supports ” Justice for Trayvon Martin”. While I was at Frank Ogawa Plaza- or renamed to Oscar Grant Plaza by the Oakland Occupiers, I thought it was interesting. I was curious to hear what they had to say. But, what people should know is that curiosity should never overpower your intuition or conscience. I felt that I was playing with my values by partaking in this demonstration willingly, yet somehow felt liberated that I was trying something completely different and somewhat ambiguous in the process. I learned a valuable lesson and will always know that there are ways to break the corrupt system, and that is by becoming a part of it, in order to fix the nook and crannies that create the corruption within the system in the first place. I want to work with others to make the system more for the people in a diplomatic and humane way.

The one thing that I will never understand about the corruption of this system is that no one has the power to take a life away from loved ones and no one should walk free knowing that they did something wrong and feel no remorse for it. With that said, I think it is important to restructure some parts of this society. And my only question is how? I want everyone to have equal rights and I do want everyone to have opportunities that are tangible for anyone else. Structure in our society is important but what will be the ideal structure and governance for everyone?

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