Solidarity with the Poor

11 Jul

“Acquiring material objects that bring status was offered to the poor and underprivileged as an antidote to the “shame” of poverty”

This was something very significant in our reading on “Solidarity with the Poor”

How does one manage to get oneself out this loophole? It seems as if the system is a trap for so many people who are poor. It’s so confusing and such a complex ansl-1wer that 10 of these blogs wouldn’t bring me to an exact answer. The system is so psychologically twisting that I can’t even stay angry long enough without  feeling confused again.

I know I’m not the only one angered. I see it in the many people living in poverty at St.Anthony’s who are struggling to find housing, or the people on fixed incomes who are trying to make their money stretch the whole month. The sad thing being St Anthony’s being the only source of food for so many of these people. Is the problem solved at only saying the easy way out being knowing the difference between needs and wants. What do you really do when your needs are not even be made? What do you do if the system you live in makes it impossible to get your needs met? But then they glorify you with wearing a certain brand, wearing a particular show,or driving around in a certain car? How does that mess up the minds of the many in poor?  Did they ever think that possibly giving them that idea that if they live beyond their means, that it will begin to be a lifestyle that they would try to live? You’re telling them being poor is not good enough, so in return what do you think people who are poor are going to try to do to try to not receive this label anymore?

They’re telling these people “Oh I’m sorry your poor, but let me comfort you with these shoes and clothes that aspire to this lifestyle that is unrealistic”. Rather than saying oh here, let’s break down these injustice barriers to provide people in inner city with more job opportunities and better resources. It’s so difficult to approach but what do we say when we don’t even realize? Does it taking be there to know what it is like or mindset is being implemented into the poor? I wish I knew all these answers because it’s an overwhelming process and a thought that drives me crazy.   This lifestyle that so many people dream is a substance of abuse fostered from the media. The media are toxic because they will portray all these lavish things, then the next minute portray all these minorities singing and rapping about all these lavish things, then make millions of dollars off portraying this, and then put this stigma on these minorities that this is all their about. It’s simply a way to stay in power. Part of is that people need to look past the big picture. Like here in West Oakland, look around at the many things they do have and what they do not? Right down on Adeline Street and West Grand there is a Beauty shop (the size of a grocery store) that sells all type of products to enhance the beauty, knowing that most of the community around here is primarily African-Americans. Trying to be beautiful is already a significant factor in our world, especially to African-Americans who don’t see enough of themselves on television being portrayed as beautiful.They’re willing to put this in West Oakland, but they can’t manage to put a grocery store that sells produce? There’s something missing here. They only help people have their priorities out of line, yet could care less if your family had a decent meal to eat.

Through it all, I know things will improve. I feel it is going to be a lot to change things like this around. I think it will take more of the inner city community coming together and realizing what is going on. I believe and know it just take hope and the want to make a difference. I know it won’t be something I may see overnight, but one day I hope to make a change. I will make a change. I know I will make a change.

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Posted by on July 11, 2013 in 2013 Kenna Williams


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