10 Jul

The state of poverty is always seen as a negative stigma among the American people. My question is why? If people in this country were truly educated about how poverty came about and how it was constructed in this country thanks to the capitalist society, along with the closed-minded racial and gender discriminatory prejudices that everyone has, then poverty would not be such a problem. Hatred is not a reasonable emotion to rely on. This monstrous state of mind is something that humans thrive off of once they either feel insecure, unjustified, or even undignified. Hatred fuels angriness and vainity, along with other emotions that are irrational. I know these emotions are very human. But what about empathy and compassion? I noticed that there are more gang-related violence going on lately around here. I am aware that a part of this experience is about breaking stereotypes among the people in West Oakland. So far, I’ve come to love this community. Many people are good people who make irrational and silly choices, just like the rest of us, may I add,  that impact their potential to become something more. For the most part, that is what it is. For others, it seems that violence and drug addications is an endless cycle that is never broken- this ideology is highlighted because of the media- thank you public broadcasting. Honestly, the public perception matters, but what use is it to us if we are not compassionate enough for the people that need help? Also, why is it very hard for people to cognize the importance of self-sustainibility? In some way or in another, some people’s egotistical side get the best of them. And for others, it is just as people say it is- nothing more than a mere fantasy- to picture a utopian world where people have equal rights regardless of race, gender, sexuality, and social standing. It took this nation how many years for people to finally realize what equality is all about? Nope. It’s a still an on going progression waiting to happen.

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Posted by on July 10, 2013 in 2013 Gabriela Michel


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