What is Oakland doing to me!

07 Jul

Since I have been living in Oakland, I have become more “consumer conscious”. I have become more aware of the products I buy and why I buy them. I have begun to “buycott” as our book defines it. I only buy products that have the same beliefs and values I would like to portray. For example I only feel good about buying organic eggs now. This is because it is more natural, but also because the chickens are treated better and are usually healthier. I buy more clothes from street vendors and independent sellers then from big stores because I think it is a way to empower the people and help out locals that are starting out and trying to do something positive.

Since I have lived in Oakland I have also started to eat healthier. I eat vegetables and fruit every single day. For lunch I eat a small salad (lettuce, bell peppers and feta cheese) with a small amount of dressing, a yogurt, granola bar, and an apple or orange. I think that my diet has changed because we are on such a low budget but also because of my roommates. Everyone in my house eats very healthy so it has rubbed off on me in a great way. I eat healthy and it isn’t boring, it isn’t bland, it’s delicious! Ha I have started to drink almond milk, which I had not even heard of before coming here. Apparently it is soy? There is a big difference in the taste and texture but it isn’t all that bad.

One thing that I love is that I am getting a lot exercise living here. Me and the girls go for runs at Lake Merrit, I ride my bike to work now and sometimes if we have nothing to do we will just go walking around town. It is nice to have so many things accessible to us. I really love being so active around town and seeing new places, I think that being on foot is the best way to see the city.

I love the changes I have made by living here and I hope I can keep it up when I move back to school.


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