03 Jul

One thing that I love about living in Oakland is the fact that there is so much diversity and so much productivity in the center of the city. Sure, Oakland is notorious for being one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country…but the fact of the matter is that most cities have crime-ridden parts and safe, nostalgic parts of it as well. However, what people fail to recognize is that crime happens because of one fundamental theory: inequality. Inequality, or any mistreatment of a human in this case, will cause people to resort to perform crimes or violence in order to fulfill the need to feel whole again, in efforts to feel dignified. But, the thing is, that many people do not treat each other with respect. I for one, do fall under this category at times only when someone I trusted has disrespected me in some sense. Either way, that is not the kind of attitude or treatment anyone deserves. In all, I think that people resort to such behaviors is because they are unhappy…feeling unhappy is never a satisfactory thing and is never a good thing to experience. We determine our own happiness and our own destiny. This is something that I find hard to do at times, most of the time, because I look at the imperfections, which is unhealthy and unrealistic. But since I have been here, all the imperfections have been the most intriguing part of the experience and the most rewarding. I’ve grown to love this city for what it is. No ifs and buts about it. In some sense, you might as well call me Oaklander, for now.


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