Bart Strikes…Angela Davis Unites…PRIDE..well is PRIDE

02 Jul



We are now into our 5th week of the program and it has been one heck of a week. This past weekend I had the opportunity of watching “Free Angela and all Political Prisoners”. I really enjoyed it with my fellow roommate Maggie. Angela was one sophisticated woman and I hope to have the opportunity to meet her one day. She was so empowering, intellectual, and an assertive human being. On top of that, the movie theater was amazing. The movies there are only $6 and did I mention that they serve you food in the theater! It was really cool and only down the street from where we live. I am so glad I came across a wonderful landmark.

On Sunday, I attended PRIDE for the first time in my life ever in San Francisco. It was CRAZY!! My favorite part was probably enjoying the different organizations and companies celebrating PRIDE. There was so many people that I literally had to hold on to my roommate Amelia as we pushed through the crowds so I would not get lost. I found it heartwarming to be able to celebrate the love of all kinds. However, I also wish PRIDE was a time to really understand the struggles and rights of lesbians, gays, gender queer, trans, etc… I find that many people do not understand or care for the rights of others, but just use it as a time to find an excuse to party like crazy and get drunk. However, I am honest enough to say I do not know much about the historical struggles of gays & lesbians. It definitely was an eye-opener to see all the naked, half-naked, not naked, and the all of the above at PRIDE. The only thing I could do was laugh in my head and say you are BRAVE!

This week…well…BART IS ON STRIKE!!!

I have been taking the bus to Jack London Square, taking a Ferry, and then taking a bus to the Civic Center area for work. This is a very effective way for Bart to get their point because not only is BART losing loads of money, but it is taking me significantly longer to get to work and get back into Oakland. However, I have been patient and actually believe that BART should continue to strike until they get the benefits they deserve. If I was in the BART employees position, I would be out there striking too. It’s sad that it came to this. I think it should be a given to receive these benefits that many of the employees want and need. So sad that we still live in the world like this where companies are ravishing benefits out rarely, but working people like slaves.

Hopefully the rest of the week goes smoother. I am really looking forward to this weekend and 4th of July but This friday is First Friday and may be the last First Friday. So I am excited to attend and do other fun things this weekend. Can’t believe our 5th week is almost over. This internship is slowly ending and I don’t think I’m ready yet to let go! I wonder where it will lead me… I feel like I have understand so much more, looked more in between the lines, and discover so much beauty. One for thing sure being here has made me much more passionate about my major and career choice. I am still empowered to become a Sociologist and I am more than sure the talk of Oakland will be in much of my research. This place is beautiful. I love it for its good and bad. I’m going to miss when I leave but this definitely won’t be my last time. Oakland is another home to me.

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