If Life Didn’t Get Difficult, Then Would It Be Life?

26 Jun


It’s only Wednesday but has probably been the most overwhelming week so far. This week has been tough. Work has been filled with all sorts of personalities and attitudes. And well at least I am learning how to be very patient with the many situations I have to deal with. It is the end of the month and this is when St. Anthony’s is the most crowded. I have been taking every day step by step and appreciating the company. After all, I think of the many people who lives are like this everyday. I am grateful for what I do have and thankful that I am in a stable position because not too many people can say that. I notice that I can say that now without having to witness or hear someone else’s story. So I have become a lot more aware of my privileges and what I do have. I can be in a lot worst position in this world but I am not. So I should focus on that.

I am excited for this weekend. I never really been to PRIDE, and I have the opportunity to go this weekend. I am super excited because so many people speak of it being awesome, and so I am anxious to experience it for myself. I also hope to attend an event Saturday night listening to Ethiopian poetry. It seems as though it will be very interesting, as well as I hope to endure other places within Oakland.

I cannot believe we are like halfway done with the program. Next week will be my 5th week in the program, and that leaves us only a few weeks left here in West Oakland. I hope to make of these last weekends. There is so much that I have received from living here. I come to love our neighbors Kenny & Laura, and their pregnant dog Serenity. Laura has three kids and hoping to move out of West Oakland. I even know the location of the neighborhood crack houses. I feel it is apart of the community. Somehow I feel it brings the rest of the community together knowing that places like drug houses exist and we need to keep each other safe. It is places like this that reminds the community that we need to stand together.

I feel I have already transformed since being here. I am more aware, more knowledgeable, more passionate about life. I almost wish that every person had the opportunity to see this. In all honesty, I feel as though this is a gift and maybe everyone doesn’t deserve this opportunity. If I were to do this over every Summer, I would love to do so. Each time thinking of a different way to manifest Oakland into something better than the last, I am especially driven about the things that need improvements. On the other hand, what keeps me here is seeing some of the most exciting things I ever seen in my lifetime. Again I say, how many people have this opportunity to do something like this? Not many I say, not many at all. I hope I can create new footsteps and open new doorways to the next person daring enough to see what is on the other side.

To You Oakland, I say thank you for providing me with such a gift.

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