Open Mind

19 Jun

“Active love is a harsh and fearful thing compared with love in dreams”

This was a quote from our reading and something I really related with. It means that the idea of something can be a lot different then what it actually is in reality. We set these standards in life and these expectations for our actions. We have so many wants in life, the way we want something to end up or things we want to accomplish and we don’t think about the steps that come in that process. With regards to that quote, the article went on to say that ” you will suddenly reach your goal and will clearly behold over you the wonderful working power of the Lord, who all the while has been loving you, all the while has been mysteriously guiding you”. This quote is what really hit home for me. I had an experience in my life where I remember thinking how perfectly things had been laid out for me, as if it were all planned, as if it were meant to happen exactly the way it did. This gave me a lot of faith in God. It made me believe that he was looking out for me even when I wasn’t noticing. When I had no idea, when everything had seemed to fall apart in my life is when it all came together to make some kind of perfect sense. God works in mysterious ways, I can’t express how true that really is. But I liked this article because it taught me that our dreams get messy sometimes and they aren’t always what we thought they would be. Through my interpretation of the reading I would say that regardless of the turnout we learn something new about ourselves and others with every new experience we have in life.


One of my favorite murals I pass by everyday to get to work. Image of Ganesh!


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