19 Jun

This past week, while I was catching up and hanging out with my family for Father’s Day weekend, I told them about what was going on at work. I saw no progression in what I was doing or in the assignments that I was assigned. It seemed even more frustrating that the administrative side of the company is always preoccupied with other projects going on whenever a question or difficulty arise out of these projects. Instead of voicing my concerns to my boss directly and meeting him once or twice in my entire time at CCEB, I had to email him and plan out when to meet him during his break times  and spontaneously see if he was available in his office. Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen, that I have and am trying VERY hard to figure out what I am suppose to contribute to Catholic Charities of the East Bay during my time here. Research, research and more research. Information keeps piling up and the only thing that is keeping me motivated is by talking and communicating more efficiently with my boss  on what he wants me to see. I like brainstorming and talking about theories that will help plan out advocacy strategies and such. I’m growing fond of the people I work with here, but I should be more sociable with them seeing that I am here in my cubicle researching and analyzing my thoughts onto this computer and various notepads. I am trying to be patient with myself throughout this process. My mom even told me,” Sweetie pie, you’re more of a hands on person.” And my dad says, ” I always saw her doing a bit of both, she’s more like me in that sense.” Well, the truth is I’m not so sure. The more I do this kind of work, the more I am adjusted to this kind of work ethic. I know I am not perfect and I know I make a lot of petty and irrational decisions when I am not patient with myself or even not truthful with myself, but being here in this office has better me in some sense. Yes, the work is tedious and challenging. Yes it can be boring just staring at the computer screen reading criteria and requirements about advocacy tools. But I know that some day CCEB might use these tools to develop a foundation to start an advocacy like plan or campaign that can help the mission and vision in the process.I do want certain things to better for Oakland. Maybe I should start seeing that my work here will help CCEB better their services to help others.

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Posted by on June 19, 2013 in 2013 Gabriela Michel


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