When Life is So Unexpected…it gives you the gift of Oakland

13 Jun

*Clears Throat* HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I must say Oakland just continues to surprise me as I go along. Just this past weekend, me and my fellow roommates: Gabi, Amelia, and Maggie went to Oakland FIrst Friday. This was my first time ever attending First Friday and was awesome! I got a couple Oakland Wears because I got to rep Oakland LOL! Let’s not mention how crowded First Friday was!! I was like WOW!! Long Beach promenade every Friday has nothing on Oakland First Friday. Moving on, I continue to love my job as it continues to surprise me everyday. San Francisco is  something in itself. It amazes me as I walk the little way from Bart Center Drive to St. Anthony’s, and you see how much drugs have corrupted so many people and tore so many individuals apart. Yet as soon as I walk into St. Anthony’s, I see hope once again for so many people out there on the streets struggling with addiction. I felt there is nowhere I rather be working right now than at St. Anthony’s!! The people there are AMAZING!!! It just amazes me the most random people who I meet, make the biggest impact ton my life. For example, one of the senior citizens that come in named David really makes my day every time I see him. We bonded because I explained to him how I was a Sociology major and he explained to me how he graduated in 82′ from San Francisco State with a Sociology degree. This guy is so sweet and amazing! I love making his day and if he doesn’t know, WELL DAVID YOU MAKE COMING TO ST. ANTHONY”S SO EXCITING!!!! There is a lady that comes in the wheelchair everyday named Lynn, and I must say she is hilarious! I feel she has more authority than I do, yet I am the one walking around with the walkie-talkie. But don’t tell Lynn that, she will put you in your place faster than anyone. Not to mention I love sneaking her extra slices of Carrot Cake because she is just cool like that. (Don’t tell anyone). Living in the house has been pretty cool. We have some amazing cookers in the house! They know how to hook a girl up. Not to mention Maggie really has had me being more adamant about eating more vegetables. Amelia & Gabi remind me so much why I love Latin American food!! YUM YUM!!! Well that is all for now. Keep tuning in. PEACE!!!

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One response to “When Life is So Unexpected…it gives you the gift of Oakland

  1. JM

    June 17, 2013 at 9:29 am

    Yeeeh! for First Fridays around the world. First Fridays venues historically have always been a time when the community at large or small could connect and share vision and resources. How rich and rewarding your experiences are at St. Anthony’s. Long Beach, CA misses you. (Swoon)


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