The Journey

05 Jun

Something that I would like to explore more is my spirituality. It is something that I have not thought a lot about lately and I feel like I have kind of drifted away from God in the past year. This being for many reasons, which include researching religion, seeing severe poverty, and not feeling a connection with God. I think that this can be considered normal, as I believe that everyone goes through times like these when you just question your faith and what you believe in and whether it’s all real, going through this struggle of understanding the world and seeing it for what it really is. What sparked this entry was a reading we had this week that talked about listening more to God and trying to understand what he is telling us through things that happen in our day, and the way we feel throughout the day. The reading  called us to re examine our days and re evaluate them with God in mind, as if he were with us every step of the day. This called my attention as I have been distracted lately and I have tried to think about the events that have happened in the last couple of days and the feelings I have been feeling and what they might mean. I wondered if God was really trying to tell me something and if he was, what exactly was his message to me, and more importantly, what was going to be my next plan of action.  Along with the reading there was a text that explained helpful ways to pray. The text described prayer as a conversation with God, telling him your worries and hopes as a friend and really treating Him as if you know Him well. I hope to grow in my faith and spirituality, as I don’t believe so much in organized religion. I think that faith cures the mind, body and soul. It gives ease to the mind and can even make us feel free but safe at the same time. It is a beautiful feeling when you are close to God because every need you have is satisfied. You are fulfilled.

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Posted by on June 5, 2013 in 2013 Amelia Gomez


One response to “The Journey

  1. JM

    June 17, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Amelia thanks for the reminder that spirituality is the lifeblood that holds this world together. Your blog post reminded me of how I sometimes drift from my regular meditation. When I meditate regularly I stay connected with my life source. When I am feeling disconnected, I know it is because I have gotten away from meditation, which in essence, is just listening for God’s voice. When I pray, I talk to God. When I meditate, I open up and listen. What a beautiful recourse to have a personal and intimate relationship with God. By the way, nice pictures you posted. Wishing you the peace you seek while on your journey.


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