It Speaks but Does Not Get Heard

04 Jun

These first few days living in West Oakland have been absolutely amazing!!! May I start out with the lovely, adventurous, and deeply historical tour of West Oakland given by the wonderful Luke. How man of us really know that The Black Panthers came out of West Oakland? This tour was absolutely beautiful as we traveled from Victorian houses to the use to be productive warehouses, that once had West Oakland the city to be in. Although most, if not all the warehouses are not empty, I could not help but imagine the scenery during that time period. I mean West Oakland use to be like the mini Harlem Renaissance, but the West-coast Version. However, as you look at Oakland now you can see that a lot of that was stripped away. It is so sad that so much culture is lost and taken away, and then given this negative label on top of that. The once so booming Oakland seem not so booming anymore.Despite high crime rates, there is something about the beauty of Oakland that gives me hope and belief that I will make a difference.  However, as you look around you see so much of the beauty of Oakland. I loved volunteering at What Now America and seeing those smiles of excitement as we dive into each and every learning enrichment. I do not think these kids really knew how much I alone was inspired by them. Defremery Park was beautiful and I even enjoyed church the next day with Pastor Bobby Lee at Convergence Church which was located right back at Defremery Park. I felt like he gave a new meaning about church that instilled new ideas about faith. Today was my first day at work at St Anthony’s in San Francisco. St. Anthony’s feeds, clothes, nourish, and assist people with basic needs. This was an experience of its own. Perhaps I will talk about it more in my next post. However, I will like to leave you with one thing about work today. The continuous amount of “Thank You’s” from people felt like no Thank You said before. So to them, I say Thank You So Much.

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One response to “It Speaks but Does Not Get Heard

  1. JM

    June 17, 2013 at 9:20 am

    Oakland does have a lot of rich history. (smile) The bay area made a BOOM in the 1960s on a lot of different levels. You should research that and find those golden nuggets of triumphs. (smile) Starting with the Jack London square area would be a good start.


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