My Ears…Their Story

31 May

I am excited to be part of the 2013 Micah Summer Fellowship Program, as I just wrapped up my freshman year at Saint Mary’s College of California. I felt as though I experienced what it is like to “live on the other side” because I knew  the very moment that I arrived at Saint Mary’s College that I never felt so privileged. I’ve been living in Southern California all my life, right in the heart of downtown Long Beach, California. Northern California is still very new to me. I am so excited to start working at St. Anthony Foundation which feeds, clothes, and nurtures people in need of help! I am always so amazed at people’s stories and how it has brought them to where they are now. If there is one thing that I do love about this world it is that there is so much to uncover, so much that I still do not know. What better way to start than getting to spend most of my summer with people. I say people because I do not like to make a distinction because many of them do not have a home to go to. People are people. Regardless, many of them have stories just like us, that I know I will become inspired by. I am passionate about social justice within our world and I believe why not be the change that I want to see? We all have struggles, hardships, and other obstacles that have kept us from where we wanted to be in life. More than being able to lend out a hand, I want to be able to lend an ear. LISTENING is key for me! I want to understand, hear these people out, and show them that I genuinely care. I am excited to see what will happen this summer!




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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in 2013 Kenna Williams


One response to “My Ears…Their Story

  1. JM

    June 1, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    May the trials and triumphs of others enrich your life immensely. You are the change that you wish to see in others. All the best on your summer spiritual journey with the Micah fellowship.


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