27 May

All my life, I thought that helping others was a fundamental, basic trait that everyone possessed. I discovered throughout the course of my life, that I am happy helping others in some sort of way. I’m happy solving problems for others and seeing their face radiate happiness from feeling whole and complete.This last year, I lost sight of what was in front of me, of what made me happy, by triggering others to make a social change for the greater good. My only expectation this summer is to be a learner, a student of social change. Hopefully over time, I will eventually be in a position that will enable me to teach others what I know. I’m not expecting to change Oakland. I want to immerse myself in the beautiful culture that city has, because some people, even myself, are apprehensive in moving into a foreign environment. But you know what? Change is good for everyone, because the process which “change” brings ends as a learning experience. This time around, I’m going to let fate take the course of my impending adventure in Oakland and let my community teach me a lesson or two about life and how life should be lived.


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