19 Jul

While where I am right now is bitter sweet, I’ve been thinking a lot about life after Micah.


Why was I placed in this internship?

What was I supposed to get out of it?

What am I supposed to do with the thing that I have learned?



I was in the midst of confusion and fusrtation, when I had a conversation with Mehari, Katie, and Danny (my Family) that cleared things up a bit.

As we were talking about life after we leave, we started to think about the fact that we have been having a great experience, living in solidarity with people who are less fortunate than us, but in a matter of about 2 weeks we will then be forced to go back to the places that are the very opposite of the things that we have been fighting for.

As we struggled with our new found delemma, all I could help but to think, is what if this is the very reason that Christ put us in this situation?

What if it’s our responsibility to let our experience permiate every area of our life, including our hometowns, and St. Mary’s College of California?

What I’m understanding, is that while this particular experience may end, that doesn’t mean that what we learned has to seize to exist. I believe that Christ placed us 4 specificaly in this situation because we come from all different backgrounds and have the ability to inform a wide variety of people.

Recently someone said something that stuck with me, and gave me a new found look at the experience that we have shared this past 7 weeks.

This lady named Renee asked me where I was from, and I started to explain to her that I was from Los Angeles, and proceded to give her the reasons why I loved the Bay Area a little bit more than I loved Los Angeles. One of the reasons I gave her was the fact that the Bay Area was SO much more progressive in terms of social justice than LA was. I was going on and one about how in LA the lifestyle is really individualistic and there aren’t real social justice movements that take into account the well-beings of the less fortunate, or marginalized groups. She stopped me dead in my tracks, and said something to me that I will never forget. She said  “What if God placed you in the Bay, so that you could bring all these aspects of social justice back down to LA?”.

This question that Renee asked me, is something that I had never really thought about. Sometime I get so content to learn all these new ways of being, never fully allowing them to saturate into my everyday life causing the things that we learn to fall by the wayside, never completely making its way into our “real” lives. But as I think about it more now, I cant help but to think that the idea of giving the knowledge that we have received to others who have not had the same experiences and creating change in the places that need it the most is the very calling of ALL God’s Children.

I praise God for these past 2 months and look forward to the Future!

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

–   John 20:21

Location Matters


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