Count Your Blessings

19 Jul

After working at St. Anthony’s Foundation for two month, I have had the opportunity to ask countless people the question, “How are you doing?” While I have heard hundreds of typical responses like “Good” and “Fine thanks,” I have also been surprised by the many people who state, “I am blessed. Every day I wake up is a wonderful blessing from God.”

Take Grant, a regular at SAF, who has a severe speech impediment and a physical handicap. One time, I stopped in the middle of lunch service to have a conversation with him and eventually found out that he needed to get new clothes. He asked me to write down everything that he needed because I could understand what he was saying, but most people (including those at St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program) probably couldn’t. After writing down all of his special requests, he looked me in  the eyes and clearly said, “Thank you. You make me feel so special.” As he wheeled himself away, he reached out to kiss my hand and said, “God bless you.”

Each time I hear guests talking about all of the blessings they have in their lives, I stop and think about my own. While I know that I am blessed in many ways, I often forget to give thanks and truly internalize my blessings. Instead of complaining about how little sleep I got the night beforehand, how much my electricity bill is or how much I have been working, I hope to be able to say “I’m blessed” when someone asks how I am doing and truly mean it.

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