Recovering Together One Day At A Time

18 Jul

To the public St. Anthony Foundation is mainly known for its free dining room. However, there are many other impressive aspects of this organization. SAF has a thirteen-month drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for men known as the Father Alfred Center (FAC). Many of the men in the first stage of FAC work alongside the rest of the dining room staff and make sure to keep the dining room running as optimally as possible.

During my lunch break one day, I sat down in the break room to eat lunch with one of the FAC guys. I was so impressed with how easily he opened up with me to share with me his experiences that brought him to his current state. He was at SAF to get clean, to not fall into the same habits that he had for his entire life, to learn problem-solving and positive coping strategies, to be a role model for his kids, the rest of his family and friends.

Check out a blog from one of the SAF staff and the foundation’s website about the Father Alfred Center.

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Posted by on July 18, 2012 in 2012 Kaitlin Anderson


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