12 Jun

June 11, 2012

Some thing that really got my attention this past week was the idea of simplicity.  My mind has really been inspired by this idea of simplicity because I have been able to see the quality of life that it contains.  It has inspired me to cut off time from Internet use, phone use, and doing things that are just time consuming.  I have always played with time and thought about how important it is and how it does not come back once it is gone, but putting it into action on a consistent basis is the real thing.  I have come to realize how I need to discipline myself not only during the school season but also during the summer.  Time is some thing that I can never buy back.  I can lose an item and buy it to replace it but time can never be purchased.  Once it is gone, it is gone forever.

As a result, I have started today to live my life according to the things I value you most.  In addition, I have been thinking about my priorities and if they are at the right place where I want them to be.  It seems that I need to change things around in my life.  I find it extremely important to look at every thing I do and cancel out things that are just basically a waste of my time and replace them with things that can build my family, community, and myself in a positive direction.  Some thing that I have realized is that my priority is not ordered the right way.  God suppose to be the number one in my life, but I have realized that that has not been the case recently.  Jesus commands his followers, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else and live righteously, and he will give you every thing you need” (Matt. 6:33).  I want and will change my priorities around so that I may have a productive, meaningful, and successful life.  I have realized in my life that there are so many great blessings and positive things that result when I put God first.  It has been very silly and stupid of me to not put God first in my life recently.  The main reason that has been the case is due to technology distraction and lack of prayer and meditation.  It is when I reflect and think that I realize what I am missing in my life and what needs to change.  From this day on, I am developing a plan and schedule to live my life by so that I do not let technology waste my life.  Technology is important and necessary, but it is very important to use it with self-control, discipline, wisely, and with balance.

Another idea that has stayed in my mind is the fact that living simply involves living according to one’s purpose.  When one knows his purpose, he knows how he needs to accomplish that purpose.  In an article we read for our community time called “The Value of Voluntary Simplicity” the author, Richard Gregg discusses the importance of living one’s live according to one’s purpose.  He delivers  his idea when he says, “Yet it is easy to see that our individual lives and community life would be much changed if every one organized and graded and simplified his purposes so that one purpose would easily dominate all the others, and if each person then re-organized his outer life in accordance with this new arrangement of purposes—discarding possessions and activities irrelevant to the main purpose” (4).  Organizing one’s life is a main element in living simply, because with simplicity comes organization and throwing out garbage that is unhealthy.  I believe that change first comes from within and it is individual before it begins to affect others.  It is hypocritical to expect change in certain things when change has not taken place within oneself.  The article also gave an analogy that enlightened my mind.  The people that climbed Mount Everest had a plan and a purpose, which was to climb the tallest mountain in the world.  In order to accomplish their goal, they had to simplify and leave things behind that were unnecessary or less needed to make their backpack less heavy.  If they did not simplify, it would have been even more difficult or they would not have accomplished their dream.  I want to look at my life that way in which I will live according to my big purpose and cancel out things that are meaningless and waste of time.  I end this blog with an inspirational quote which declares, “This moment deserves my full attention for it will not pass my way again.”

Simplicity is the Way to Save Time

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